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Replacing a lost or damaged AirPod or wireless bud can be both frustrating and expensive. At therightpod, we provide quick and affordable replacements, so you won’t miss a beat. Whether it’s the right pod, the left pod, or the charging case, we have the right solution for you.

All of our offerings are reconditioned genuine Apple products. Each one is authenticated, meticulously sanitized, and thoroughly tested before it leaves our facility. Clear pairing instructions ship with your pod, so you’ll be back up and running in no time. Any problems? Just contact us.

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Left PowerBeats Pro Replacement
Rachel M. (Dover, DE)

Was a little more scratched up and “used” looking than I thought, but 4 stars for being the only place I could find a replacement pod and works perfectly!

Fast replacement. Good quality.

I lost my AirPods case while I luckily had them in my ears. I appreciated being able to order a replacement for a better price than new. The case I received had minimal signs of use and arrived with around 60 percent battery. After adding my AirPods my phone recognized it as mine. Shipping did not take long either. I would recommend this website.


Came very quickly

So it came really quickly which I really appreciated, but something I noticed was with the one I ordered is there would be this slight ever so noticeable white noise playing in the replacement but not the original. I’m pretty sure it’s a fake but it works perfectly fine, so my beef with it is pretty small. If you are scrapped on money and can’t really afford to just buy a whole new thing of AirPods then, these high quality (allegedly) maybe fake ones will do the job.

Also I wish it came with the replacement ear pieces like I thought it did. It only came with the medium size and I wear the small, I thankfully was able to use the small one from another pair in my house that wasn’t being used but if that wasn’t an option I would have been left with an AirPods that didn’t fit.

Left Replacement AirPod - AirPods Pro
Jared D. (Jersey City, NJ)

My bf loved it. He said it synced right up and works great.

Right Replacement AirPod - 2nd Generation
Carina L. (Philadelphia, PA)

It works perfectly and the battery life is pretty much the same as a new one.

Left Replacement AirPod - AirPods Pro
Ethan G. (Indianapolis, IN)
Perfect condition and fast

The airpod cane in quickly and worked even better than expected. I understand the fear of buying something like this in fear it wouldn't work. But, it worked amazing just make sure to look at the paper when you order to learn how to actually connect it!

Left Replacement AirPod - AirPods Pro
Nicholas G. (Brooklyn, NY)
Works perfectly!

Exactly what I needed without an issue at all.

Right Replacement AirPod - AirPods Pro
Logan D. (West Lafayette, IN)

Product works great!

Left Replacement AirPod - AirPods Pro
D. B. (San Anselmo, CA)

Came when expected. Working well now! If this keeps up, I will be a satisfied customer…

Left Replacement AirPod - AirPods Pro
Aidan R. (Stafford, VA)
Works well enough

Needed a replacement asap and that’s what I got. There is some minor sound issue that is really hard to describe, but it’s better than having only 1 airpod.

Left powerbeats

The real deal if you need a replacement go on line and purchase them from therightpod it's all legit

AirPods Pro Replacement Charging Case
Dionisio A. (New York, NY)

Great Product. Worked well.

Beats case

Quick shipping and great product.

AirPods Pro Replacement Charging Case
Bobby M. (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

AirPods Pro Replacement Charging Case

Legit product

Many times you wonder if something is legit or it some kind of knockoff, but I got my replacement beats pro pod because my pup got a hold of my right one. It appears brand new, easy to pair with case and works perfectly. I am happy with it.

Right Beats Studio Bud Replacement
TiitoAle (New York, NY)
Great Purchase

The most valuable benefit of this replacement bud is the peace of mind it gave. Losing the bud was frustrating. The replacement came in the day after I ordered it. My frustration became joy. Pairing the replacement bud was a breeze.

Overall, the purchase was a win.

Left Replacement AirPod - AirPods Pro
Anonymous (Stratford, CT)
Replacement AirPod pro left

Shipping was quick. Pairing was easy. Would recommend!

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

Left PowerBeats Pro Replacement
Channing p. (Houston, TX)


AirPods Pro Replacement Charging Case
Andy S.J. (Charlotte, NC)

AirPods Pro Replacement Charging Case

Great service!

Right what I asked easy instructions

AirPods Pro Replacement Charging Case
Samuel R. (Water Valley, MS)

Nice. The case works perfectly.

Works great!

Just had to re-pair them, and they work perfectly now.

Right Replacement AirPod - 3rd Generation
Leslie R.I. (Gainesville, FL)

Very good product.